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Tractivity is an activity monitoring system that tracks the activity history of individuals and large populations in an easy to understand, secure, motivating manner.


I am having issues retrieving my activity from my Sensor to account?

Paul Shore

Make sure the Tractivity Bluetooth USB adaptor is inserted into the computer correctly. If inserted correctly it will glow blue. Make sure your Sensor is awake by shaking it for a few seconds. Note: The Sensor will automatically go to sleep to save battery power after a few minutes. And the Sensor needs to be close to the computer that has your Tractivity Bluetooth USB adaptor plugged into it (within 6 feet (2 metres), but not closer than 1 inch (2 cm)). If you are still having trouble, remove the battery from the Sensor for five seconds and try again. Lastly, if the Sensor is more than a year old, the original battery might need replacing. Replace the battery with a standard CR2032 coin cell battery.

How do I retrieve my activity from my Sensor to my Tractivity Online account?

Paul Shore

Plug the Tractivity Bluetooth USB adaptor into your computer and start the Tractivity Connect application by clicking on the Tractivity icon on your desktop (PC) or dock (MAC). You can also find the software in your Start Menu (PC) or Applications Folder (MAC). Place your Sensor near the computer (within 6 feet (2 metres), though NOT closer than 1 inch (2 cm) from the adaptor). Note: It is OK if the Sensor is in your Ankle Band or attached to the Lace Holder/Shoe Clip on your shoe. Follow the on-screen instructions to retrieve your activity from your Sensor to your account.

What does the Tractivity Connect software application do?

Paul Shore

The Tractivity Connect application connects your personal Tractivity website to your Tractivity Sensor via the Tractivity Bluetooth USB adaptor, and retrieves your activity stored in your Sensor to your Tractivity Online account. You can install the software on as many computers as you like. Note: No activity data or other personal identifying information is stored on your computer.

How do I add another Sensor to my account?

Paul Shore

Insert your Tractivity Bluetooth USB adaptor into your computer, shake the new Sensor (with the battery installed in it) to wake it up, and open the Tractivity Connect application. Follow the on-screen instructions and the new Sensor will be found and you will be asked to name it to link it to your account.

How do I set goals and what goals can I set?

Paul Shore

You can set Distance, Weight and Waist Size goals, which you can set during your initial sign up with Tractivity or which you can set later via the Profile settings within your personal Tractivity website. To set or adjust your Goals, go to the Activity page and click on the Goals button in the upper menu bar.

I have just set up my Tractivity account but don't see any data, why?

Paul Shore

Your new Tractivity Sensor will not have collected any data until you have used it for for a little while. A good walk around the block is more than enough to get started. Once you transfer this initial data to Tractivity Online, using the Tractivity Connect application that you have downloaded for free during the installation process, you will have something interesting to see.