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Tractivity is an activity monitoring system that tracks the activity history of individuals and large populations in an easy to understand, secure, motivating manner.


In-Patient Ambulation

In-Patient Ambulation

In-Patient Ambulation

Hospitals are implementing protocols to increase in-patient ambulation.  Why?

  • A John's Hopkins study* showed that early ambulation in ICU settings improved patient outcomes and resulted in costs savings of $1,300 per patient.

  • Length of Stay reductions of 22% due to accelerated rehabilitation were found during the same John's Hopkins ICU study  ICU (22%), which lead to cost savings and improved patient outcomes and loyalty.

  • Complications reductions lead to improved patient outcomes and cost savings (e.g. Hospitalization Syndrome, Functional Decline, Pressure Ulcers, Deep Vein ThrombosisParalytic Ileus, Stroke)

  • Readmissions reductions lead to improved patient outcomes and cost savings.

  • Patient satisfaction scores rise, as a result of improved patient outcomes, as patients feel empowered and more independent.

           *  Lord, et. Al. "ICU Early Physical Rehabilitation Programs: Financial Modeling of Cost Savings." Critical Care Medicine 41.3 (2013): 717-24


Effectiveness of ambulation protocols is often diminished by inherent natural barriers:

  • Low staff adherence due to already overburdened nursing resources

  • Poor reliability of ambulation data and documentation

  • Inconsistent patient and family engagement

Ensuring the success of your ambulation protocol:

  • Eliminate the burden on nursing by leveraging wearable technology to automate the promotion and tracking of patient mobility

  • Accurately measure and document patient ambulation

  • Engage patients and family in self-care


The cost savings associated with increased patient mobility are becoming well proven, and the Tractivity wearable monitoring system makes objectively measuring and efficiently motivating improvements in patient ambulation practical.

"Stepping toward discharge: Level of ambulation in hospitalized patientsa recent publication by Kaiser Permanente in the Journal of Hospital Medicine about an in-patient ambulation study enabled by Tractivity.

"Increasing early mobility on an ACE unita recent presentation by Palmetto Health at the 2015 Niche Conference about an in-patient ambulation pilot enabled by Tractivity.

Continuum of Care from In-Patient to Out-Patient 

Hospital settings are an ideal place to engage patients in the importance to their health of the simple act of walking.  Physicians, nurses, and family members have a unique opportunity to come together to impact patient behaviour while they are hospitalized.     

Deploying an in-patient ambulation program will trigger health improvements and generate costs savings on its own, and just as importantly it will also establish a foundation for improvements in the Continuum of Care and even greater improvements and savings through chronic disease management/prevention via out-patient activity programs.

Tractivity has enabled the world's largest in-patient clinical pilot to track ambulation data via objective measurement, as part of routine nursing care.

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