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Tractivity is an activity monitoring system that tracks the activity history of individuals and large populations in an easy to understand, secure, motivating manner.

TC2 Windows Installation



Tractivity Connect 2

Installation for Windows PCs


Before downloading Tractivity Connect 2, please note the following:

You will require the Tractivity Bluetooth USB Adapter to retrieve your activity data from your sensor via your personal computer.  You MUST currently use this Adapter because we do not yet formally support the use of Bluetooth that is built-in to Windows PCs, as we await further evolution of the Microsoft Windows Bluetooth 4.0 support. 

 Tractivity Bluetooth USB Adapter

Tractivity Bluetooth USB Adapter

The Tractivity Bluetooth USB Adapter enables the automatic retrieval of activity data from Tractivity Sensors, and it is therefore recommended to leave it permanently inserted in a USB port of your computer.  

Do NOT insert the Adapter into the computer until the Tractivity software installation process instructs you to do so.


Download Tractivity Connect 2 for Windows, by clicking the button below.  After installing this program, run it to create an online account.

Windows XP / 7 / 8 supported